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What WindRider Customers Say

  • You can’t beat the 17 for making the crew feel secure. I just stopped sailing cats last year, and during my last season my new (non-boating) wife came down to watch and was invited out on the rescue boat. A storm blew out of nowhere and we had about an hour of 35 knots, which made for a very busy rescue boat. The boat driver frightened her so badly that I can’t get her onto any motor boat smaller than about 50 foot. I bought the WR17 last year and now she comes out with me anytime, last time 25 knots with jib furled and main reefed she just sat snug as a bug behind her windshield laughing about the spray. Love that WR17.”

    Paul M., Australia

  • Here are a few of the reasons why I like the WindRider in my rental fleet. 1) People are intrigued by the design and want to try something different. 2) Stability. 3) Ease of sailing. 4) No need to jump from side to side when you tack or jibe. 5) Comfortable seats and hand free sailing. 6) Will not tip over. 7) Indestructible. 8) Great for first time sailers. 9) After the rental the response is "great boat" 10) I love to sail it myself."

    Brian Dahms

  • The Windrider is a great sailboat and I have enjoyed sailing it in the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Michigan. Thank you for such a great boat.

    D.B. - Florida

  • I have had my WRTango out on the ocean and I love the little boat. My husband was worried that the small WR would be dangerous but it is wonderful. He loves it too. I would not be surprised if he wanted one for himself.

    Sylvia - Florida

  • I was delighted to enjoy your WindRider 17 this past Carnival. We went to Aruba and discovered this wonderful design and took my wife and kids for a ride - and we had the time of our life...!

    A.G. - Venezuela

  • Of all the trimarans I've been researching (e.g., Weta 4,4, Searail 19, Hobie Tandem Adventure Island, Corsairs), the WR 17 clearly is the best boat for the money in terms of a balance of speed, operating costs, convenience, ease of sailing and weekending capabilities.

    B.W. - Washington


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