Keith Rogers

Get to Know WindRider's Pro Staff: Keith Rogers

We invite you to meet some of our Pro Staff team here at WindRider. This month, we interviewed Keith Rogers to learn more about his TV show and love for crappie fishing.

Tell us a bit about yourself first. When and how did you start crappie fishing?

I started crappie fishing with my grandpa as a kid. 

What is your favorite type of water? 


Where do you mostly fish?

 Freshwater lakes

What is your favorite fishing technique?

Spinning baits or jigs

What is your biggest catch?

Biggest crappie was 2.89 pounds.

What is the best fishing tip you ever received?

To be patient.

What do you do when you're not fishing?

I do a lot of hunting as I’m manager and co host of the show Mass Pursuit tv.

What inspired you to become a WindRider Pro Staffer?

All the gear is quality made and I can get behind a product I trust

What is your favorite WindRider product?

Love the gear from the glasses, shirts, and float suit all is well made.  Helios shirts and the Hayward suit with its versatility as cold gear, rain suit, and safety as it floats.

Follow Keith Rogers & Mass Pursuit TV: 

Instagram: @massoursuittv

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