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Get to Know WindRider's Pro Staff: Hudson Burell

We invite you to meet some of our Pro Staff team here at WindRider. Our next interview is with Hudson Burell from Hudson's Fishing Adventures.

Tell us a bit about yourself first. 

My Name is Hudson, I'm 16, and ever since I was a little kid, I have always loved the outdoors. My parents never really introduced me to video games, tons of television, and stuff like that, which looking back I am very grateful for, because I have no interest in those types of things. I have always been homeschooled, and still am, which I know a lot of people find to be odd or different, but for what I love doing, fishing, being outside, working on my YouTube channel, and Golfing, it couldn't be better. I get to do all my school work in just a few hours, and then go work on what I love.

What is your favorite type of water? 

While I really do love any type of fishing, anywhere, if I had to pick one, it would be creeks and streams. I live in south Texas, up in the hill country, and while we have big lakes, rivers, and the coast just a little ways away, I can hike just a few miles from my house and find creeks EVERYWHERE. And if you couldn't tell by the name of my YouTube channel, Hudson's Fishing ADVENTURES, I love the adventure just as much as the fishing. My favorite thing to do it grab 1 rod, a backpack, and start hiking by myself to explore and find new streams, creeks, and small bodies of water.

Where do you mostly fish?

In south Texas about 99% freshwater. I do go down to the coast to fish off the beach, or with my grandad about 5 times a year, but most of the fishing I do is all freshwater.

What is your favorite fishing technique?

My favorite fishing technique, is actually one that is pretty simple. I started off learning how to fish with an Ugly Stick ultralight, and fished with that rods for years. Obviously, now I have a collection of rods and gear, and surf fish, fly fish, bass fish with heavy bait casters, etc. However, my favorite way to fish has to be the basics, a light action spinning rod, throwing something like a Ned Rig, or a crappie jig. I love using lures like this, because I never know what my next catch is going to be, a 3 inch long Sunfish, or a 7lb Bass.

What is your biggest catch?

My Biggest catch ever was just a few months ago. I caught about a 50lb Black Drum off of a dock, on a medium action spinning rod, with 20lb braid, and a 15lb leader. How I landed it after the 45 minute fight? I have absolutely no clue. I caught it in this video here: 50lb Black Drum Video. Before this guy, my biggest fish was a 26lb Grass carp on a light action spinning rod, with 20lb braid and a 15 lb leader, which I caught here: Grass Carp Video

What is the best fishing tip you ever received?

I could never do that." Now this isn't in the way you would think. I have heard this countless times, mostly when someone asks where I go to school, I say I am homeschooled, and they answer with; "I could never do that." Now I take this as a compliment, even though it might not be one, but I like being different than my peers, my favorite quote ever is; "When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause, and reflect." -Mark Twain

What do you do when you're not fishing?

Like I mentioned above, if I am not fishing, I am golfing. My dad works in the industry, and I have grown up around the game. I used to play on junior tours as a young kid, but actually fell in love with fishing, and at the time, decided to work on building a YouTube channel, and pursuing my passion of fishing. However, about 3 years ago, I found my way back to the game of golf, and have found a way to manage working on my game every day, while also fishing, and building my channel.

What inspired you to become a WindRider Pro Staffer?

Ever since I started my channel, I dreamt about having some sort of clothing sponsor, or partnership, and when Josh reached out to me last September, I looked into the company over the next week or so, and absolutely loved everything. Not only the products, but mostly the story of how the got started, and that they are some fellow anglers! We got the partnership started, and I love it. I have said it in my videos, but I really do love the products more than any other big name brands, like Huk, that I have worn all my life before I heard about WindRider.

What is your favorite WindRider product?

I love the Helios shirts, both the hooded and normal. While I haven't worn anything from WindRider that isn't comfortable or good looking, the Helios shirt is just super soft and comfortable. I love wearing it around not only fishing, but also riding my bike, hitting golf balls, etc. I also love the shades! They look great, and the lenses really do work incredibly out on the water while I am fishing.

Check out Hudson's website, YouTube channel, and social media to keep up with all of his fishing adventures:

Website: Hudson's Fishing Adventures

YouTube channel: Hudson's Fishing Adventures


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