Fishing Bib Comparison

Fishing Bib Comparison

A good pair of fishing bibs is almost as essential as a rod and reel if you plan on spending a regular amount of time on the water. They offer protection from the elements and are essential for keeping your core warm. 

Which set is right for you? Well, it depends upon a couple factors; how often you fish, as well as when and where you fish. Our bibs run from a light base level pair to one that you might use to explore the arctic circle, so allow us to break them down for you.


If you are more of a casual angler who needs moderate protection from rain on occasion, look no further than this affordable pair. They feature a pocket with a secure storm flap as well as an outer tool pocket, and have a double zipper for easy bathroom breaks. 

The PVC coated polyester shell is durable enough to handle most any rain, and will offer the right amount of warmth for early morning boat runs. Velcro adjustments on the cuffs will keep the boat spray off your pant legs and adjust for height. 



If you are an angler who fishes in ALL conditions and deals with a good amount of rain, then you’ll want to step up to our All Weather bibs.  They offer comfort in colder temps with added breathability to avoid sweating on warmer days. 

Storm flaps protect the outer pockets and double zippers, and cordura reinforcements are where you need them most in the knees, seat and bottom hem. We know pockets are important, which is why we feature zippered fleece-lined hand warming ones in addition to the chest, thigh and tool pockets. Everything is secure and dry. 

When it comes to sizing, the straps and inseam are fully adjustable, and the double zipper makes for easy access when nature calls. 

The DWR coating offers 10K of waterproofing. What does this mean? Simply put, if you were to place a 1” tube of water on the fabric, 10,000 millimeters would build up before absorption. Even though it is designed for colder weather, you will not overheat thanks to its 8K breathability. Thus, they keep you dry on INSIDE as well as the outside.

The All Weather bibs are pretty much that - they will handle ALL that mother nature throws at you, even in colder regions. But what about if you’re fishing in areas that tend to be warmer? Then you may want to step up to our next level of bibs - the Tempest.


The Tempest represents our latest product design that features superior protection from the wind and water without adding bulk. These are for the angler who needs protection whether it’s HOT or COLD, windy or calm, given their superior breathability. The 3L design and 30K/15K rating make these perfect for all day rain in the summer or pounding boat spray offshore. 

But don’t be fooled by their light construction - the 3 layers will keep your core temperature comfortable and cut the colder winds as well as anything on the market. Don’t be afraid to abuse them either, as the cordura reinforcements make these as rugged as the backcountry. 

There’s also even more pockets than our other bibs, including zippered fleece-lined hand warmers and 2 thigh pockets with storm flaps. Of course it has double YKK zippers on both the front and the legs. These are perfect for active types of anglers in most conditions.



The Boreas Floating Bibs are the only ones you’ll ever need for fishing on hard water. Any avid ice angler with a spouse will appreciate the peace of mind it offers their loved one. The 3M insulation keeps you warm, and the full floatation keeps you safe. Add to that the reinforced knees and well thought out pockets, and you have the ultimate pair of cold weather bibs.

Now let’s look at the functionality. Need to get to your pants pocket? It's easy thanks to the pass through behind the outer pockets, which have zippers and storm flaps. Nature calling? No problem with the easy access double zipper. The double leg zippers also make life easier for pulling them on and off, even with your boots on. 

They of course have the hand warming pockets, and we’ve added D-Ring attachments for any tools you may have along. So all in all, you won’t find a better pair of cold weather bibs on the planet at this price point. 

All of our fishing bibs are designed for the angler who’s looking for quality and value in their gear without paying retail prices. We are only available online, but our customer service is extremely responsive. We ship most orders the same day to get you on the water ASAP.

At WindRider, we’re all about having fun, making memories and enjoying the water, and a good pair of fishing bibs is often essential to making that happen. So pick the pair (or pairs) that are right for you and fish on. Tight lines!   -WR

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