HELIOS™ Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt


HELIOS™ Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt


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Product Features

HELIOS™ Fishing Shirt

The perfect shirt for fishing and sailing (or both)

Moisture wicking material and mesh sides to vent out the heat.

We make our shirts with a UPF50+ material so you don't have to constantly reapply sunblock.

Stain resistant so you won't have to worry about the blood and grime ruining your new favorite shirt.

Ideal for anyone looking for a light and comfortable shirt to wear all day in the sun without having to worry about reapplying sunscreen every 15 minutes.


• UPF 50+

Unlike some of our competitors we make our shirts with a UPF50+ material. This means you have the ultimate sun protection, No Compromises. Being on the water on a sunny day is rough, you get the rays from the sun and the rays reflected from the water. Stop putting on sunblock (that often hurts the reefs) and just cover up with one of our good lucking, high performing fishing shirts!

• Fast Drying & Wicking

You will get wet and you will sweat, so why not wear a shirt that helps you stay comfortable when bringing in those bass or tuna? Fish may not care what you wear, but being comfortable means less fatigue and more fun. Plus when you post

• Stain Resistant

No one wants nice shirt ruined by blood and guts (and Fishing ain’t clean) Our fishing shirts have built in stain resistance so that blood won’t stain as easily. We want to make sure that a good day fishing doesn’t ruin a good shirt (though let’s be honest, we would trade a lot more than a good shirt for a good day fishing - everytime).

• Mesh Sides

- Wearing a long sleeve shirt in the hot sun could get uncomfortable. Good thing that we designed ours to be lightweight, vent out heat via the mesh sides and generally be comfortable even on hot days on the water. Comfort, performance, quality and price. We give you all of this in our sun shirts.

• Longer Cut in the Back

Not only does this shirt protect from the sun it protects from the “moon” too. We designed it with a longer back so that when you reach over the gunwale to land your fish, your fishing buddies don’t get an extra show.

Customer Reviews

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Helios fishing shirts

Love it and customer service is excellent, I purchase two shirts fit well and I know I will be wearing them on my fishing trips

Fishing shirts

Excellent fit and comfort!

Nice shirt

The shirt is very comfortable and well made. Return policy very fast and fair. Would buy again.

Windryder Shirts!

I love the 2 shirts I ordered! Love to see the rest of your collection!!

Looks used

Received my shirt, paid full price. Has no tag on it. Looks used. Not like the other two I bought at a discount price. They both had tags on them and look new. Very disappointed.