BOREAS™ Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves


BOREAS™ Rugged Waterproof Winter Gloves


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Product Features

Ideal for spending long days in the snow and ice without having to worry about your fingers getting cold or your fish slipping away!


• WindRider Winter Gloves are perfect all-sport gloves.

They are fully waterproof, breathable and warm. The are great for sailing, ice fishing, skiing or any other sport where you need your hands to stay dry and warm.


allow you to answer calls while keeping your gloves on. But let's be honest, these are still winter gloves, so NO you will not be able to have texting conversations with your girlfriends on them - enjoy the nature you are in and get off your phone.


We are talking stick your hand in the water, your hand ain't getting wet waterproof. So go ahead stick your hand in that ice hole and pull up that beast of a walleye. Or shred that powder with these skiing gloves, because your hands will stay dry.


First we take a Cordura nylon shell (none of that thin nylon crap that rips your first use), then we put a hipora liner (this is what makes it waterproof, it is basically Gore-Tex) then we have 150g of 3M Thinsulate and foam insulation(gotta keep those mitts toasty) and then a soft fleece inner liner (so soft you won't want to take them off and remember you don't have to because you can answer your phone with these babies on).


You can't ever have enough pockets, so we put pockets on the back of the gloves. These pockets are big enough for a credit card, a hand warmer or your key. We put a water resistant zipper to help keep the pockets dry. But if you have one of those fancy electronic key fobs, don't keep it in there and go stick your hand underwater for a while, because you will probably ruin it.

Customer Reviews

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I have large hands so ordered the large. They were still to small. This makes them difficult to get on or off if you have been wearing them for an extended time. I have warn them at -15 and stayed warm.


It took a while to experience the weather and activities to really test these gloves. Throughout this winter I’ve had to clear a lot of snow and spent a lot of time ice fishing. These gloves have proven to be the best waterproof gloves I’ve ever had. Dry hands and dry insulation in the glove means warmth and comfort for longer periods of outdoor activities.

Very comfortable

These glove are so soft inside and very warm. I use them during bass tournaments when we are boating at 70 mph. They work great.

Nice warm gloves

Very nice warm gloves. Great customer service and fast shipping.