Pro Foul Weather Bibs


Pro Foul Weather Bibs


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Product Features

Pro Foul Weather Bibs

Waterproof and comfortable in all weather conditions.

2 Thigh pockets perfect for multitools

Velcro adjustable shoulder straps

4 chest pockets including 2 fleece lined to keep you extra comfortable



Of course these are waterproof – it is rain gear. But these waterproof overalls are also breathable. Made of a 2-layer laminate fabric, these babies will keep you dry all day long and keep you from getting too hot. If you need foul weather gear for the foulest of weather while still staying very comfortable, order these waterproof bibs today!


They are like cup holders, you can never have too many. These rain bibs are practically like having a purse. With 6 pockets the biggest problem you will have is remembering which pocket you put your stupid knife in. We don’t just put a lot of pockets for the sake of having pockets – we make them practical. 2 Thigh pockets for quick access, 2 fleece lined hand warming pockets and 2 additional chest pockets.


Let’s be honest guys, when you have to go, you go off the back of the boat. We all know what you are doing when you walk to the back of the boat, but now you don’t need to be quite as obvious. So whether you are hunting or fishing or sailing, you no longer have to drop-trou when nature calls.


We make fun of those guys with their baggy pants hanging around their knees, so why do we accept foul weather gear that is overly baggy? We put elastic in the back near the waist and under the arms, this keeps everything tucked in nicely. You can easily cast or tack without your rain gear getting caught on anything. That being said - If you are planning on doing a lot of layering underneath we recommend going 1 size up.


If you want something super cheap that will last half a season, then look elsewhere. We know that most people want something that will last a long time. That is why we put cordura reinforcement on the butt, the knees and even the hem. To make it even better, we even have the back heel of the pants cut up 3/4in so that you don't step on it with your boot. That is thinking ahead. If you want comfortable, long lasting foul weather gear, then it is time to order your WindRider bibs.