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Get to Know WindRider's Pro Staff: Les Standstipher

We invite you to meet some of our Pro Staff team here at WindRider. This month, we interviewed Les Standstipher from S&S Guide Service.

Tell us a bit about yourself first.

I'm co-owner of S&S Guide Service on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. I've been fishing for Crappie most of my life, my uncles and one of my close friends taught me the ins and outs of crappie fishing and it stuck with me my whole life.

What is your favorite type of water?

I travel all over and fish all kinds of water but stained or dirty shallow water is my favorite to fish.

Where do you mostly fish?  I mostly fish Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma being my home lake.

What is your favorite fishing technique?

I love to long pole live scope, chasing open water fish has got to be my favorite technique.

What is your biggest catch?

My biggest crappie to date is a 3.66 lb white from Grenada MS.

What is the best fishing tip you ever received?  

Fish your strengths, whether it is a specific color, profile, or a certain technique always fish what your confident fishing, you can't catch someone else's fish..

What do you do when you're not fishing? 

I love to spend time with my family, my church and travel directing crappie tournaments.

What inspired you to become a WindRider Pro Staffer? 

I've owned just about every rain gear on the market and after purchasing my Hayward 3 season rain suit and putting it to the test guiding day in day out its a product that I'm confident I can stand behind staying warm and dry is a must, and the customer service is second to none. 

What is your favorite WindRider product?

I love my sun shirts as a base layer but hands down my Hayward 3 Season has got to be my favorite product from Windrider. It has kept me dry and warm in the worst of elements guiding and on the tournament trail.

Follow Les from S&S Guide Service:

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TikTok: Team-Standstipher


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