Get to Know WindRider's Pro Staff: Deke Segovia

Get to Know WindRider's Pro Staff: Deke Segovia

We invite you to meet some of our Pro Staff team here at WindRider. This month, we interviewed Deke Segovia from 208 Idaho Sturgeon.

Tell us a bit about yourself first.

I run the 208 Idaho Sturgeon Facebook group and have been sturgeon fishing for about 35 years. I saw my first sturgeon when I was 7 years old while bank fishing for crappie. I saw a huge 7ft shadow swim by me — I jumped back and ran inside to tell my grandpa. I said “Grandpa! I just saw a big ole fish swim by! What the heck was it?!” And my grandpa said “that’s a sturgeon!” And ever since then I’ve been hooked. 

What is your favorite type of water?

Fresh water river fishing. 

Where do you mostly fish?

The Snake River in Idaho. 

What is your favorite bait to use?

Either crappie or trout as cut bait works best for sturgeon here in Idaho. 

What is your biggest catch?

My pb for sturgeon is 9’4” and I’ve actually caught two at that size. They were 300-350lbs. The current Idaho state record for sturgeon is 10’4”. 

What is the best fishing tip you ever received?  

Fresh bait is best. Check your bait every hour to make sure you’re not fishing on credit. 

What do you do when you're not fishing? 

When I’m not at work and not fishing, which is where I spend most of my time, I enjoy woodworking. But let’s be honest, fishing pretty much takes up all of my free time and it’s a shared passion with me and my fiancé Devin, who is also a WindRider Pro Staffer. We are fishing every chance we can get, and we also fish for other species like cat fish, trout, and crappie. 

What inspired you to become a WindRider Pro Staffer? 

I had a need for fishing apparel that offered all season gear, as sturgeon fishing is year round, day and night, rain or shine. 

What is your favorite WindRider product?

The Men’s Sanibel Shorts would have to be my favorite WindRider product. I love the Kevlar pocket that is super durable and the stain resistant material of the shorts. They are awesome for fishing and every day wear. I’m usually also wearing a WindRider sun shirt, love how breathable they are and still offer the sun protection for hot summer days. I was also given the opportunity to have the 208 Idaho Sturgeon logo printed on WindRider sun shirts so those are definitely another favorite of mine. 

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