What Sunglasses Should I Use for Fishing?

What Sunglasses Should I Use for Fishing?

When it comes to the proper eyewear for fishing, there are a few necessities to consider in terms of features.


Polarized lenses are an absolute must  when it comes to cutting down glare to see the fish that are swimming beneath you. Polarization helps boost the contrast and enhance the clarity of objects. It is especially helpful when it comes to spotting fish in topwater situations. They effectively cut the glare of the sunlight, even in overcast conditions. They also reduce eye strain that can occur after a few hours of hunting the flats or current for fish.



It is basically a given that you will be exposed to splashing water while fishing, especially if you’re having a great day on the water. There’s no better adrenaline booster than a trophy fish thrashing in a landing net, and you know it means your glasses will catch flying droplets in the excitement. 

Don’t let the splashes distract you - make sure your lenses have a water-repellent coating that enables the water to bead up and roll off.  Ever notice that after you wipe your lenses once the subtle smears never really go away?

Now add in wet fingers, sunblock and fish slime, and you really don’t want to be handling your sunglasses either, much less trying to wipe them with whatever material ISN'T wet. Then you’re left settling for peering through the smears and dried water stains. 

Make the most of those precious days on the water by getting a pair that help keep the water out of your way. You’ll thank yourself later after you realize you haven’t even thought about them all day out in the sun.


Let’s face it - fishing is an unpredictable  activity. It can be an hour of inactivity followed by a flurry of pulse-pounding seconds of excitement. Add to that the rocking of a boat or a slippery dock, and you have multiple hazards to consider.

You should look for sunglasses that feature shatterproof lenses  and rugged one-piece construction given all these factors. They should, in short, protect you like safety goggles (without looking like them). Plus, you don’t want to be replacing them too often, so make sure they’re built to last.



Some other features you should look for include an oil-repellent finish on the inner frame and lenses, to avoid the dreaded greasy smears that are so often left behind from sunblock. This is a factor that is often overlooked by sunglass manufacturers.

Side Vents allow moisture to escape, which keeps them from fogging up. Anyone who has worn sunglasses on a hot, humid day understands this feature.

You might also want to think about the possibility that they might be dropped  in the water, in which case it’s ideal if they FLOAT. No one is happy about a pair that ends up on the bottom, because it stinks  when they sink.

They should also be lightweight and comfortable in order to protect your eyes without calling attention to themselves. The best ones are the ones that make you forget you’re wearing them.

So if you’re looking for all of these qualities in an affordable pair of fishing glasses, we invite you to consider the WindRider Difference: https://www.windrider.com/collections/sun-gear/products/helios-polarized-floating-sunglasses

Make sure that whatever pair you choose, they provide polarized, shatterproof lenses and superior durability to enjoy your days on the water in safety and comfort. Make memories on the water and look good in the photos you take away.  -WR

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