Sun Shirt Comparison

Sun Shirt Comparison

Let’s face it. We all love to have a good time out in the sun, but how often are we fully protected from the UV rays? Who hasn’t forgotten to apply or reapply sunscreen and been left with moderate or severe sunburn? This is why we have sun shirts

Which shirt is right for you? Well, it depends upon a few factors; how often you are out in full sun, what you do for activities, and where you typically do them. Our line of Helios shirts is designed to have you covered no matter what you’re up to in the great outdoors. Or where… 

All WindRider shirts feature UPF50+ sun protection. What does this mean for you? It means the maximum amount of protection fabric can currently offer. In addition to protecting you from UV rays, our shirts wick away your perspiration thanks to their breathability

In short, our sun shirts protect you from the sun while helping regulate your core temperature by wicking away sweat. We like to call this the Helios effect. Maximum comfort in hot and humid conditions with a fast-drying component that cools you even more. So go ahead and get wet!

So how do you know if you’ve suffered from heat exhaustion, or heat stroke? We have a blog that covers that subject in detail. It’s crucial to know the signs.


LEVEL 1 - Helios™ 

The Helios™  are our best-selling sun shirts and set the standard for comfort in the sun. Whether you are fishing or enjoying any other moderate outdoor activity, the Helios will keep you cool and dry, and even provide warmth as an under layer for those cold snaps. This makes it perfect for the cooler and more temperate regions.

If you’re heading out on a hiking excursion or love long bike rides, the Helios keeps you comfortable (and looking good doing it;) If you are an occasional angler they’re the perfect fishing shirt to have ready to go when adventure calls.

The polyester blend and mesh sides provide all the necessary breathability and venting required to keep your core temperature down. Add to that built-in stain resistance and loose fitting long sleeves, and you’re wearing the ultimate outdoor activity shirt.

The Helios™ is also designed to handle the messier side of fishing - the blood, guts and fish slime that come along for the ride. Not to mention food, drink or grass stains. They wash right out and you’re ready for the next adventure, no matter what adventure you take…


LEVEL 2 - Hooded Helios™ 

The Hooded Helios™  is for the individual who knows they will be faced with unpredictable conditions amid moderate to severe heat. For those traveling to new surroundings this is the perfect travel companion as you will be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

The built-in hood and gaiter protect you from UV rays, boat spray, rain, windburn, and even insects to a large degree. They’re always there and out of the way when not in use. The more hardcore anglers will appreciate the protection, as well as anyone who is out regularly in the sun.

The advanced side vents cool you quickly and keep perspiration off your back and sides. The loose fitting design is perfect for activities like tennis where you know you’ll be working up a sweat. Go ahead and workout or hit the open water, and even get doused and let the fast-drying polyester blend cool you down.


Women’s Hooded Helios™

For women, we offer the Women's Hooded Helios, which offers all the same benefits, but is of course tailored to the female shape. The slimming waist ensures it will fit you better than any of his fishing shirts.

The built-in hood and gaiter protect you from the harmful UV rays and keep you prepared for any unpredicted weather that springs up.  The comfortable polyester blend will leave you feeling comfortable in almost any setting.


LEVEL 3 - Sol Invictus Pro Fishing Shirt

The Sol Invictus™ represents our most advanced line of sun shirts. These are for those who endure outdoor activity in the scorching heat. This is a superior high activity sun shirt made for the warmest regions. Anyone traveling to an exotic destination or offshore fishing trip should have a Sol Invictus packed in their carry-on. It’ll be ready to keep you comfortable and looking sharp.

Our design incorporates both back and side mesh to offer the utmost in ventilation. This design also enables them to dry even faster should they get wet. They are perfect for hot, humid conditions that would otherwise have you sticking to your clothing. No one wants to be that guy.

So even if you’re battling on and off tropical rain, rest assured you’ll be laughing in that rain as you stay comfortable despite the cloudbursts. Long boat rides are also no problem, and you certainly won’t mind the boat spray. You’ll stay ahead of the elements no matter where you roam with the Sol Invictus. 


All of our sun shirts are designed for the outdoor enthusiast who’s looking for quality and value in their gear without paying retail prices. We are only available online, but our customer service is extremely responsive. We ship most orders the same day to get you on the water ASAP.

At WindRider, we’re all about having fun, making memories and enjoying the water, and a great fishing shirt is often essential to making that happen. So pick the level that best suits you, and give our sun shirts a road (or water) test of your own.   -WR

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