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Introducing WindRider’s Catalog Of Sun Shirts


When you think of the sun, you think of the fun. The sun shining bright in the sky means you have the perfect ambience for hitting the beach, picking up that trekking pole and going for a hike, taking on a wild ride with your motorcycle, or simply just jogging or walking.

However, as much as the sun can offer good things for the adventurer, it also has a bad side. Exposing your skin to sunlight for a longer period of time, can cause damage, including potentially cancer. You don’t want to spoil the fun of the outdoors. Fortunately, there are now several ways you can take to protect yourself from the ill-effects of excessive exposure to the sun. One of these is as simple as wearing a sun shirt. These performance shirts are what you’ll need to soak in just the pleasant things that the sun can give.

In this discussion, you will get to know more about the sun shirts catalog of a leading outdoor lifestyle brand today, WindRider. Are you excited for this? But first, let’s define what a sun shirt is.

What Are Sun Shirts?

A sun shirt is a type of clothing particularly designed, as its name implies, for sun protection. Most of the time, they are produced from fabrics rated for their level of protection from ultraviolet rays or UV rays. UV rays are a harmful radiation that the sun emits.

Sun shirts are capable of shielding you from these damaging UV rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these varieties of shirts are among the most effective forms of protection versus sun damage and skin cancer.

Those are everything you need to know about sun shirts. Now, let’s head over to the WindRider brand’s catalog.


Get To Know The Various Sun Shirts Available At WindRider

WindRider’s sun shirts are some of the best around. They are laden with features designed to offer superior protection from the bad effects of the sun. What’s even more amazing is how the collection has different sun shirts for men and women. And children, too! Let’s get to know the catalog a bit better.

1. Hooded Helios With Gaiter

First on the sun shirt catalog of WindRider is the hooded Helios with gaiter. As you read on, you will find a lot of Helios shirts offered by the shop.

Helios sun shirts strike a balance between being a little bit baggy to trap cool air and being form-fitting, so wearing them still feels modern and high-tech. If you see sun shirts identified as Helios, know that they have a sun protection rating of UPF 50+. This means it can block 98 percent of UV rays from hitting your skin, it is the highest rating available.

Made with 92 percent polyester and eight percent elastane fabric, WindRider’s hooded Helios with gaiter are designed not only to keep you cool but also comfortable, thanks to this fabric that’s moisture-wicking and sun-blocking. You’ll also love how this can be worn as a base layer during winter, too.

What about the gaiter you ask? Well, you can easily adjust this to cover your face, neck, or head, offering additional protection and versatility.

2. Helios Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

Another Helios sun shirt from WindRider is this long sleeve sun shirt. It is designed and crafted with all the features you need to enjoy the fun under the sun with no mishaps.

For one, it has UPF 50+ to offer the most superior sun protection available. This performance shirt also features mesh sides for the most unbeatable breathability. It is made with fabric of 92 percent polyester and eight percent elastane for that ultra-soft feel you need throughout your outdoor activity.

Moreover, it also comes with moisture-wicking features to keep you cool all the time. Plus, it can also resist stains and bad odors. Precisely what you need for any outdoor adventurer under the sun.

Plus, you can choose from various colors and styles, such as Snowy Tundra, Arctic Spring, Black, Mahi Madness, Blue, Tahitian Teal, White, and Grey. No matter what your style preference is, you’ll find what’s right for you.

3. Atoll Hooded Shirt With Gaiter

Next up on WindRider’s catalog of sun shirts is this Atoll hooded shirt with gaiter. Its features? Impressive. First, it combines polyester and elastane materials just like the other products of the brand. They make this shirt breathable, moisture-wicking, and flexible, giving you the best feeling at any point during your outdoor getaway.

Additionally, it features a hood and gaiter attached. This setup provides premium protection not just from the sun, but also from rain, wind, bugs, or anything unwanted you might encounter in the outdoors. What’s more, it has a zippered back pocket where you can store the valuables you want to bring with you.

4. Women's Helios Hooded Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

When it comes to the need to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, a woman’s skin is different than that of a man, such as men being less sun savvy than women. That being said, women cannot just wear a sun shirt that men also wear. They need the appropriate women’s performance shirts. WindRider has got you.

The shop has a Helios hooded long sleeve sun shirt for women, designed by women. Now this is something special because WindRider has gathered inputs and ideas from several women to find out what’s best for them with this sun shirt.

This hooded Helios features sun protection at UPF 50+, capable of blocking over 98 percent of harmful UV rays. This sun shirt for women also has its hood attached for extra protection. However, even though it comes with a hood, the shirt won’t feel obtrusive, keeping its weight very light.

5. Helios Kids Sun Shirt

Bringing your whole family outdoors is the best experience ever. Many researchers say that kids who play outside are happier, less anxious, and way better at paying attention than kids who are told to stay indoors most of the time. In addition, communing with nature together as a family also builds your kids’ confidence.

So, if you decide to bring your kids in tow outdoors, they also need the right sun shirt. When you choose to have this from WindRider, you’ll get something specifically designed for your little ones.

Kids have thinner and more absorbent skin, not to mention it being more sensitive than that of adults. This is why your kids need a sun shirt made particularly for them.

WindRider’s sun shirts for kids are lightweight and comfortable. They also come with UPF 50+ sun protection, as well as features that will keep them cool, dry, and comfortable, such as its full-length mesh through the underarm area and the side panels. Your kids will definitely love wearing them.

Wrapping Up

Heading to the outdoors without the proper clothing and gear is just like taking in the fun, but risking your health. Aside from superior sun protection, these sun shirts from WindRider also have cooling and moisture-wicking properties, versatility, and the style that makes them not only functional but also quite beautiful, too.

WindRider is a leading outdoor lifestyle brand that also has rain gear and ice gear in its catalog, apart from the sun shirts discussed above. Looking at its sun gear collection, you may also combine your sun shirt with a sun hat, hybrid shorts, polarized sunglasses, and fishing gloves. WindRider’s sun gear collection also has bibs and spray tops. Choose WindRider. Shop its sun gear collection right now.

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