WindRider Rave - The Future in the Past

WindRider Rave - The Future in the Past


The WindRider RAVE hydroil sailing trimaran has been described as a boat ahead of its time.  There were 136 RAVE hydrofoil trimarans produced between 1998 and 2003 and then production was halted.

Over twelve years have passed since WindRider had the original concept of bringing foiling to the average sailor.  But it took the exceptional media coverage of America’s Cup races in 2013 for people to fully appreciate the excitement of sailing on hydrofoils.

Our hope is to bring the WR Rave back into production.  Leveraging WindRider’s image of “Sailing Simplified” our goal is consistent with the original one of bringing a foiling sailboat to the average sailor.  There couldn’t be a better time.

Current foiling craft are expensive, complicated and require exceptional agility and skill.  The WindRider RAVE is meant to be affordable, comfortable and relatively easy to handle.  Hence, the trimaran design, cockpit face-forward below the boom seating and foot pedal steering all contribute to stability, comfort and ease of us compared to other foiling sailboats on the market.

We are currently seeking a partner(s) who can financially support bringing the WR RAVE back as WR RAVE II with some modernization in collaboration with experienced boat designers.

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