Rave V in Progress - Larry Knauer Leads Effort

Rave V in Progress - Larry Knauer Leads Effort

RAVE V signifying the  "V" foils which will be just one of the unique design enhancements of the RAVE V compared to the original RAVE which was last produced 10 years ago. Hydrofoil sailing has advanced over the last decade, primarily in the materials used, but the laws of physics and fluid dynamics have not changed.  

WindRider has teamed up with a veteran of the Aerospace Industry to develop the RAVE V.  Larry Knauer (shown with granddaughter), now residing in Sandusky, Ohio, has joined WindRider International to oversee design and construction of the RAVE V.

Larry brings 40 years of professional experience in aerospace engineering most recently with Lockheed Martin as Director of Propulsion Subsystems in Colorado, and previously with Pratt and Whitney.  His expertise in overseeing development of new technologies, managing design, procurement of complex parts or materials and executing high quality production will help establish the RAVE V as a leader within the hydrofoil sailing market.

Larry has a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is an accomplished multihull sailor and licensed glider pilot.

The RAVE V will incorporate the “Sailing Simplified” brand of WindRider including comfortable face forward, below the boom seating and foot pedal steering. Larry’s passion for making sailing accessible to individuals with physical disabilities is also acknowledged in the RAVE V design.

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