Meet the students who are working on the RAVE V

Meet the students who are working on the RAVE V

With Larry Knauer leading the design, WindRider has also recruited two students from the University of New Orleans School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering to work on the RAVE V project.  These students are working on doing the finite load analyses, SolidWorks modeling and other aspects of the engineering side.

We are excited to introduce Tom Cusumano a graduate student working on his Masters of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Here is a bit from his resume:

Tom Cusumano

Lead Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic Foil Design
WindRider Rave V Project, Minneapolis, MN (working remotely)

  • Approached by innovative sailboat design company to incorporate thesis work into new concept Rave V sailboat foiling trimaran design, now moving towards prototype testing.
  • Using thesis research in the design of a foil system that will allow the trimaran to foil in lighter winds, with a higher payload than traditional foiling craft while still maintaining high top speeds and exceptional maneuverability.
  • Incorporating super critical foil shapes as well as non-planar foils into foil system to improve performance at high Reynold's numbers.
  • Working with a team to integrate the foil system into the boat’s hull structure and maneuvering and propulsion systems to create a high performance craft that can be handled by people of varying skill levels and is more accessible than traditional foiling craft.

Graduate Engineering Intern
MiNO Marine, New Orleans, LA

  • Assist in all aspects of new liftboat design.
  • Use knowledge of SOLAS, USCG, ABS, and other agencies to assure compliance with relevant design Criteria.
  • Use knowledge of AutoCAD, Rhino, and other software to provide quality assurance checks for both functional layouts and final drawings.
  • Ensure that overseas shipyard vendor specifications during the build process meet contract design specifications.
  • Use first principle analysis in the design of the ship, and ships auxiliary systems/outfitting.

Engineering Intern
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, MD

  • Participated in research under the guidance of a laboratory research mentor at the Center for Innovation in Ship Design (CISD).
  • Investigated structure design for a trimaran small combatant warship.
  • Conducted weight/cost tradeoff study for titanium vs steel construction and total ownership cost (TOC) of the trimaran small combatant.
  • Worked with a team to develop a rapid modeling tool for concept level weight estimation and material comparison for non-traditional ships (catamarans, trimarans, SWATH, SWATCH, etc.)
  • Submitted paper based on work to Naval Engineering Journal: “Rapid Structures Modeling Tool for Future Ship Concepts and Material Comparison”.

Engineering Intern
Elliott Bay Design Group, Seattle, WA

  • Worked with engineers and architects on a variety of projects in different phases of completion from concept to detail design.
  • Projects included LNG lightering barges, floating bridge pontoons, fishing vessels, tugboats, Washington State ferries, and more.
  • Performed incline tests, deadweight surveys, and ship checks on fishing vessels and ferries.
  • Wrote official reports submitted to various agencies including USCG MSC and Washington State agencies.
  • Crew, maintenance, repairs, and shipyard services for several San Francisco Bay Area sail charter companies.
  • Offshore experience delivering private yachts between US and Mexican ports during the winter months.
  • Taught sailing lessons for a San Francisco sailing school.

The second student working on the RAVE V project is Jacob Simon, an undergraduate at UNO.  Here are some excerpts from his resume.

Jacob Simon

Naval Architecture Intern
Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center,

  • Did preliminary design study on integrating high energy systems on a ship
  • Did CAD drawing with Rhino and DraftSight
  • Did calculations for stability, floodable length, speed, endurance, range, sea keeping, and more
  • Researched and selected machinery
  • Wrote reports

Hot Stuff Welding

  • Started own welding business fabricating and repairing fences and gates
  • Operated MIG, stick welding equipment, and cutting tools such as grinders and saws
  • Designed iron fences and gates, then often produced drawing of designs for customers
  • Generated cost estimates for clients

Teacher's Assistant
Pasadena City College

  • Taught gas, TIG, and SMAW welding technique, and helped keep lab clean

Liz Herron Architect

  • Did CAD drawing, including creation, and editing of standard detail drawings, and making changes for plan check
  • Used Auto CAD, Solid Works, and SketchUp to produce drawings, and 3D models

WindRider is excited to be working with these students to develop a unique foiling trimaran that is easy to sail, easy to launch and tons of fun on the water.

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