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Get to know WindRider's Pro Staff: Matt Mavigliano

We invite you to meet some of our Pro Staff team here at WindRider. This month, we interviewed Matt Mavigliano from 3 Pound Fishing to learn more about his love for crappie fishing.

Tell us a bit about yourself first. When and how did you start crappie fishing?

Name is Matt Mavigliano. I've been a professional Crappie angler since 2017. I started in the industry as a YouTube influencer, but currently am very active on all social media platforms. I compete against the best anglers in the nation, but as I compete I vlog about the journey through the social media platforms. I started crappie fishing because my wife's family was very active in hunting and fishing. They basically introduced me to how much fun both can be. I enjoy crappie fishing because of the challenge and the ability to help others learn about the sport. What is your favorite type of water? Freshwater lakes

Where do you mostly fish?

Southern Illinois - Lake of Egypt and Rendlake

What is your favorite fishing technique?

I like all techniques but I tend to cast for crappie the most on my home lake. During tournaments around the United States however we tend to vertical jig which is also enjoyable.

What is your biggest catch?

3.75LB Crappie

What is the best fishing tip you ever received?

You can't make them bite. Know when to move

What do you do when you're not fishing?

3 Pound Fishing is a brand that I devote a majority of my time to. We sell Fishing rods, reels, jigs, and plastics. I also provide a lot of content to sponsors and other crappie entities.

What inspired you to become a WindRider Pro Staffer?

Two points......#1 Customer service at WindRider is impeccable. I try to align with good companies that excelled in taking care of the customer, WindRider does this with flying colors. #2 Products are outstanding with quality you can feel and see.

What is your favorite WindRider product?

They really are all great, but if I was asked for just one I would lean towards the Helios sun shirts. They are top notch quality, and I value good sun protection as should all anglers being exposed to the sun these days.

Follow Matt & 3 Pound Fishing on social media:

Instagram: @3poundfishing



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