Disabled Sailors Need a Better Option

Disabled Sailors Need a Better Option

A recent decision not to include the WindRider AS trimaran in the Paralympics is very disappointing given our more cost effective and inclusive product.
There is a better choice to advance and increase participation in sailing, especially sailing for people with disabilities - the WindRider AS sailing trimaran.  

With many years of experience serving this community and hundreds of disabled sailors already sailing the WindRider AS trimaran, only minor modifications were required to develop the racing models WindRider AS1 and WindRider AS2 for the Paralympics.  

Here is the recent proposal to set up active grassroots sailing and organize local competitions in both one-person and two-person classes, not including any volume discounts:

Para World Sailing proposal, minimal requirement:
6x Weta x $18,000 (after mods), for minimal disability, one-person class: $ 108,000,
6x Hansa 303 x $8,000 (after mods), for severe disability, two-person class: $ 48,000 (providing launch ramp and pontoon are available),
6x 2.4m x $25,000 (after mods), for minimal disability, extra one-person class: $150,000 (providing crane facilities are available),
Total minimum cost boats only: $156,000 ($ 306,000 including 2.4m class)

Here is the WindRider AS proposal:
6x WindRider AS1 / AS2 x $ 14,000 (after mods): $84,000, which takes the task of;
6 x WindRider AS grassroots version four-person, severe and minimal disability,
6 x WindRider AS1 performance one-person class, minimal disability,
6 x WindRider AS2 performance two-person class, severe and minimal disability.
Total cost boats only: $84,000

$84,000 Investment or $306,000 Investment - which is going to help grow sailing participation?
Compared to the competition, the WindRider AS has a lower cost and broader appeal for general club or racing use.  I hope you will read more in the attached paper and consider the WindRider AS trimaran in your program - and recommend the same to World Sailing. 

Thank you for your consideration.
Paraworld Sailing Proposal
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