Astus 20.2 Trimaran pictures and update from a new Owner

Astus 20.2 Trimaran pictures and update from a new Owner

Sailing every day this week in Tarpon springs. I'll send you some now pics taken with my good camera.  Iove the versatility of the boat. I launch it and handle it like a beach cat when I need to with a light feel and fast acceleration and sail it like a much larger sailboat when needed.
Had some 6 people on it at the same time. Have it parked tonight At a marina between two 40 footers.... But it's the only boat people stop and look at!

Similarly it draws as much as a kayak so we got in some secluded shallow spots for resting and lunch. So nice. Very versatile like I said.

We got out in a solid 20 gusting to 25 and it handled well. I had very inexperienced crew and two kids so we played it safe. I was with the main alone and it handled very well. De powered quite a bit. Went up, down wind no issues. We were starting to be nicely moving. Can't wait to shed all the cruising weight and and put it through its real paces.   Not nearly As fast as a beachcat though I think
Note: for going around long distances the 4 stroke 6 hp is very good. That is a good match for the boat. We finished the day against current and 20 knots going dead upwind in a narrow Chanel and it handled it perfectly.

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