What are the best gloves for fishing?

What are the best gloves for fishing?

A good pair of fishing gloves will keep your hands protected, even though you may have to get used to wearing them while you're fishing. The extra layer of protection on your hands can save them from line cuts, hook sticks, sun exposure, fish teeth, and sharp fins. They'll also help keep your hands dry during a day on the river, lake, or ocean.

The right set of fishing gloves will usually be waterproof, comfortable, and made of tough, abrasion-resistant material that protects against tears, snags, and punctures from sharp fishing gear or the catch itself. The fabric of a good fishing glove should be thick enough to provide warmth if fishing in cold weather, and shield your hands from wind and sun elements. 

There are two main types of gloves to consider: Full Gloves or Fingerless.


Full coverage means no cold weather or water can reach your skin, and your hands are fully protected. However, they do limit the sense of touch and dexterity to some degree.

These gloves are great for fishing in frigid weather with temperatures in the single digits and winds that freeze in an instant. 

It is essential that they are waterproof, of course, and even better, that they float. Gloves such as these WindRider BOREAS™ Waterproof gloves fit the bill perfectly:https://www.windrider.com/collections/apparel/products/boreas%E2%84%A2-rugged-waterproof-winter-gloves 

Another issue is touch sensitivity for operating cell phones. These will accommodate this functionality and save you from removing your gloves.


Fingerless (and half-finger) gloves are more lightweight, and offer protection for your hand and palm while giving your fingers full movement and dexterity for tying knots and feeling the fishing line. Fingerless gloves will provide UV protection for your hands, too, though your fingertips are left exposed.

They should feature an enhanced grip on the palm that aids with handling your catch or tackle. They are also helpful for protecting your hands from the wind. The wind-blocking feature is mostly for fly fishing and angling in colder temperatures to help protect hands from frigid winds. 

The fingerless gloves for ice fishing help maintain your finger dexterity on the ice, enabling you to work with small lures, light fishing line, and live bait. They are also ideal for days when the temps aren’t too low. Many feature fingertips that tip back out of the way when you need to use your bare fingers. 

Whatever option you choose, fishing is an activity that is made more enjoyable by using the right gloves. Protect yourself from having an injury or discomfort ruin a good day on the water.   -WR

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