Torqeedo - Solar Charger 45 Watt

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Solar Charger 45 Watt


Electric outboards are ecologically advantageous in many ways. They are emission free in operation and they require a lot less energy to propel a boat.
But that is not all: Unlike gasoline outboards, electric outboards can also be operated completely from clean, renewable energy supplies such as solar power.
Thanks to Torqeedo’s solar charge options, this opportunity has become not only ecologically advantageous but also extremely convenient and simple. Just plug the solar panel directly into your Ultralight or Travel 503/1003 battery and charge your battery wherever you want – even while operating your motor.


  • Simple plug-n-play charging for Travel and Ultralight models
  • Rollable with casing for easy transport and storage
  • Extremely weatherproof: Successfully tested in full salt water immersion
  • Extreme durability to match all conditions
  • High efficiency performance even in low light conditions or when partially shaded.
  • Environmentally friendly mater

On the move - speed, range, run time

Using the solar charger, Travel and Ultralight models do not need a mains power outlet any longer – so you can be on the move all day long. The solar charger provides a power of 45 W. Due to the record-level efficiency of Torqeedo outboards this is sufficient to run continuously just from solar power. On a dinghy, you can expect a free-solar speed of about 2.2 mph, in a kayaks you can run even over 2.5 mph

Technical data & measures

Output power

Under typical sun exposure in North America and Europe, output powers of 40-45 W can be expected

Cell type

Amorphous Silicon


Cell efficiency 7.0%,
module efficiency 5.5%


open circuit voltage 44 Volts Charging time: The 320 Wh battery of Ultralight and Travel 503 models will be charged in 8 hours from 0 to 100%; the 520 Wh battery of the Travel 1003 models will be charged in 13 hours from 0 to 100%.

Waterproofed charging

Connections between solar charger and Torqeedo batteries are completely waterproof to allow for safe charging during operation on the water without any risk for galvanic corrosion.

Power Guarantee

Limited warranty of 2 years refers to 80% of specified power.



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