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WindRider and their design partners originally developed the concept of bringing foiling, or “flying on the water,” to the everyday sailor back in 1998, well before foiling became popular. In fact, over 130 RAVE trimarans like the one below and in the video were sold over a 5 year period.

It took the exceptional media coverage of America’s Cup races in 2013 for people to fully appreciate the excitement of sailing on foils. Since then, more foiling boats have come to the market, but all are either expensive, complicated, require exceptional agility and skill, or all of the above.

WindRider has built its reputation on the idea of “sailing simplified,” so our goal is not only to make foiling available to the everyday sailor, but go a step further and provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to "fly on the water."

WindRider’s RAVE V Trimaran hulls will be configured similarly to the original RAVE with the comfort oriented face-forward seating in aft (pilot) and forward (passenger) cockpits. Foot pedal steering (plus adaptive sailing modifications as needed including hand steering) allows for ease of handling the sails and, overall, "sailing simplified" at its finest.

Beyond the main hull and amas, the RAVE V will be further advanced in design than the original RAVE due to three main design enhancements:

  • Retractable “V” foils – hence the RAVE V name – are an advanced design, further enhanced by sonic tubes at the tips, which reduce cavitation during foiling.
  • “A-frame” rigging with two furling main sails enhances foiling and pointing performance.
  • Composite light-weight durable composite materials including carbon fiber spars.

More specifically, the RAVE V’s design addresses these 5 major design objectives:

  1. Telescoping amas and fixed crossbeams will allow for easier rigging at the boat ramp. The retractable foils will allow the RAVE V easy beach and dock access as well as allow for a good sailing experience in light winds.
  2. Face-forward, below-the-boom cockpit seating for 2 with foot pedal steering and/or hand steering provides flexible accommodations for sailors of all abilities.
  3. The WindRider RAVE V will be priced lower than foiling sailboats with similar performance characteristics.
  4. The A-frame standing rigging configuration and light weight composite material construction enhances foiling in lighter winds.
  5. The combination of dual mainsails and V foils permit the RAVE V to point to wind better than most multihulls.

For greater detail on the RAVE V’s design by Larry Knauer, we have posted extensive notes on the WindRider blog (click here).