Astus 20.2 Trimaran

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The Astus 20.2 Trimaran’s floats are mounted on telescopic supports and can be extended or folded within seconds on the water as well as on shore. Thanks to this thoughtful design, the boat can be launched from narrow slip ways and moored in monohull marina berths, while offering full stability on the water when the floats are extended. The swing centerboard and rudder make it easy and safe to wander into shallow waters. The large cockpit (8.2 ft long) offers ample accommodation for up to 6 people and extra room is provided on the large trampolines. The large cabin includes a generous 7.2’ x 3.7’ double berth and plenty of storage capacity, and will keep your children safe and sheltered at sea. An optional portable chemical toilet fits neatly in the cabin, giving your crew all the comfort they would expect on a small cruiser. If you are looking for a small cruiser that you can easily tow from place to place without changing your car, look no further than the Astus 20.2. At just 880 lbs (1,430 lbs with the trailer), the Astus 20.2 is very light for a boat of its size and can be towed by any average family car. A great feature of the Astus 20.2 is its ability to be sailed single-handedly as well as with a full crew, further increasing its versatility. The mast can be stepped up and the boat rigged in less than 30 minutes by a single person (with a record to date of 13 minutes!).

High Performance

The multihull design of the Astus 20.2 Trimaran offers multiple benefits: the floats bring reassuring stability, and as ballast is not needed, the boat is very light for its size. Its inherent stability allows the boat to carry more sail area, which, when combined with lower overall weight, means it has much more power. The Astus 20.2 Sport, with 258 ft² of Pentex sails, makes the most of this design to take you to exhilarating speeds effortlessly, with amazing accelerations under gennaker or spinnaker. If you’re not into extreme sailing, but are looking for a nimble boat to take your kids out at sea in full confidence, the standard version of the Astus 20.2 offers a more reasonable sail area of 183 ft² which makes the boat very docile, though still with the ability of covering much greater distances in a day than an equivalent monohull.


If you wish to introduce your children to the fun of sailing, the last thing you want is to scare them away. With the Astus 20.2 Trimaran’s two floats of 170 gallons each that give it unique stability, even young children will be confident in sailing and free to enjoy the fun. You can plan long raids, safe in the thought that your children will be protected by the high cockpit coamings, and if they ever get cold they will find shelter in the comfy cabin. The boom is high enough to keep children’s heads safe when tacking and gybing. Furthermore, the Astus 20.2 has blocks of polystyrene foam built into the floats and main hull, making it virtually unsinkable. As polystyrene foam does not absorb water, you can be confident your Astus 20.2 Trimaran will not gain unwanted weight over the years.