Winter Glove Give Away

Thank you for your interest in our winter gloves.

We do what we called an Amazon Scavenger hunt for them.

How does this work? Go to and type in "Ski Gloves Men Waterproof" find our gloves titled: WindRider Rugged Winter Gloves. You then order the size of the gloves you need and then email me your order number. As soon as the gloves ship we refund your order.

Why do we do it this way? We do it this way because it helps us rank higher on Amazon. So we get ranked higher on Amazon (which helps us sell more) and you get free gloves.

Why you don't need to be concerned about being refunded: While this is theoretically a concern, because it is ordered through Amazon you can always just return the gloves and get your money back. We then run the risk that since you are unhappy you leave negative feedback against us and we get in trouble with Amazon.

How many pairs can you order? We will only will refund for 1 pair, but if after you get them and you like them if you want another pair for a friend or family we will provide a code for 30% your next pair.

Questions or additional concerns? Feel free to respond to this email or call and talk to us: 612-338-2170 or 888-609-2827 (Yes we are located in the US)

Ready to get the gloves? Go to search for "ski gloves men waterproof" On the first page part of the way down you will find our listing it looks like this:



Place the order and then email your order number.

Once the gloves ship we will refund the order.


Thank you for your interest and lookout for emails for additional new products.