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The right apparel can make all the difference when it comes to competitive or recreational sailing. Whether you are a novice sailor or an experienced boatman, you need clothing that will keep you dry and protect you from the elements. Before you set out on your next sailing adventure, be sure to check out these products and discover the perks that come with wearing any of these Gill tops.

Gill apparel is made from sturdy yet lightweight woven materials with the latest membrane technology that maximize your sailing enjoyment. Gill's fabrics are tested to destruction, first in the laboratory and then on the water in real life conditions. These fabrics are not just tested as new but also after artificial aging to simulate years of use. When testing is complete, the fabrics are ranked and classified according to Gill's unique Fabric System. These tests are also repeated before each production batch to ensure that their quality is at the highest levels.

Gill tops feature a back-to-the-basics design with their streamlined, sporty looks and durable fabric construction. All of these choices are designed for unrestricted movement so that you can navigate your vessel safely and effectively. This apparel also accommodates the elements so that you stay dry, warm, and protected in the windiest, sunniest, and wettest of weather.

The wide range of tops and other gear are designed with your comfort and protection in mind while giving you the longest wear possible. You have the freedom to choose Gill tops that best suit your sailing enjoyment as well as the practical needs that may arise when you are out on the open waters. Sail comfortably regardless of the weather and temperature when you select Gill tops for your nautical wear.

Gill tops not only give you the freedom to move comfortably and without feeling restricted. They also come with protective designs that make them fun and simple to wear. These tops feature innovative features like puff collars and cuffs so that your body is fully protected.

They also combine the best of Velcro and zipper solutions so that you can put on or take off your Gill tops quickly and easily as needed. Depending on the circumstances on board, you may need to put on your top or jacket in a hurry, particularly if you and your boat encounter choppy waters or high winds.

With their innovative designs, these tops are fast and simple to put on and take off with ease. You can wear them without the worry of getting tangled up in them or having to deal with stuck zippers or latches that will not release. Their Velcro and zipper connections are built with your safety and protection in mind.

Your sailing enjoyment is only as good as the apparel you wear when you hit the open waters. Gill tops are made for sailors of every skill level. Find tops that keep you safe, warm, and dry during every sailing adventure.


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