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Nothing beats the thrill of joining in a boating race. Whether you are an avid racer or someone who is just learning the ropes of what it takes to win a boat race, you can get the edge on your competition by wearing apparel from Gill's racing collection. The clothing in this collection is designed for both skilled racers and novices. Get the sporty, competitive look you want without compromising comfort, safety, and practicality by wearing Gill's racing tops, trousers, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, and more today.

The clothing in this collection is perfect for wearing during any high-speed race as well as a leisurely day out on the water. It is made from durable waterproof material that resists soaking in water and humidity as well as your own sweat. You can stay dry and comfortable while you guide your vessel to victory.

It also is made from material that moves and breathes easily. You can move around unrestricted without getting caught up in tight fabrics and cumbersome latches, zippers, and other fixtures. Your clothing will move with you each time so that you can focus on winning the race. You do not have to worry about taking off apparel to accommodate the tasks that call for your immediate attention.

Despite being lightweight and comfortable to wear, this apparel from Gill's racing collection also is made to protect you from the elements. Few things can put a damper on your victory like a nasty sunburn or frostbitten skin. When you strip down to a cotton tee shirt and a pair of thin shorts, you put yourself at risk of exposure to the elements despite possibly being able to move around easier. Keep your protective layers on and still claim the win with Gill's racing apparel. It protects you from the sun, wind, and other environmental factors without overheating you or limiting your range of motion. You can reach the finish line without putting any part of your body in harm's way when you don the latest pieces from Gill's racing collection.

Of course, when you cross the finish line, you want to look your photo finish best by wearing apparel that is sporty, trendy, and upscale in its look. The racing collection from Gill features clothing that is cut to look great when you wear it. It also comes in sporty colors like black, white, and gray. You can be fashion forward and stylishly competitive by adding pieces from the Gill racing collection to your maritime wardrobe today.

Winning the race while looking your best starts by wearing comfortable and practical apparel from Gill's racing collection. This clothing is made with your safety and racing needs in mind. It comes in both men and women's fashions so that you can assemble a coordinated, fashionable racing team. It also is made to move with you easily so that carrying out any racing task on board is simple without putting your body at risk of exposure to the elements like the high winds, choppy waters, or bright sunlight.

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