Your choice of apparel can make or break your nautical fun as you sail out onto the open waters. The clothing you don for each sailing adventure should be an asset rather than a detriment to your safety, comfort, and convenience.

Rather than wear street clothes like blue jeans or tee shirts that can get soaked and leave you exposed to the elements, you should instead invest in hydrophobe apparel from Gill that is designed for nautical adventurers of every skill level. Learn why Gill's full array of hydrophobe tops, trousers, and more can be one of the wisest investments you make before you head out to sea.

Protection and Freedom of Movement

You may well know the elements to which you are exposed each time you take your boat out on the water. Within minutes of leaving the dock, you may find yourself the target of intense sunshine, high winds, and soaking, cold waves and sprays.

If you wear clothing that is not designed for sailing, you could shortly find yourself drenched from the water, chapped from the wind, and burned from the bright sun. Your cotton clothes prove ineffective in resisting these elements and instead put you at risk of hypothermia, dehydration, and other dangerous conditions.

Even more, they may cling tightly to your body and prevent you from moving around well. When you are not able to move comfortably and easily, you cannot navigate your boat and take care of other important nautical tasks.

With hydrophobe clothing from Gill, however, you get the protection you need from the elements found in a micro-environment like the one that could occur on board your vessel. This Gill apparel resists soaking in water and fits you snugly so that you are shielded from the wind and harmful UV sun rays. You also get the full range of movement you need with the clothing's flexible and form-fitting design. You can enjoy a full day out on the water without becoming bogged down or burdened by your clothes.

Gill Hydrophobe Clothing for Everyone

This unique Gill apparel is designed for sailors of every age and skill level, even those adventurers just learning the proverbial ropes of boating. When you shop with Gills, you can find hydrophobe clothing for men, women, and even children. Choose from apparel basics like tops, trousers, jackets, and other gear to fill your wardrobe and make every sail fun and safe.

Also find Gill hydrophobe apparel in all of the trendiest styles and colors. Choose clothing made from the most innovative polypropylene fabric on the market, which comes in understated black, gray, and other colors that let you look your best.

Before you head out on the water, you must consider your safety and comfort as well as that of your on board guests. You can stay protected from the weather and get the full range of movement you need to sail by wearing hydrophobe clothing from Gill. This apparel is made for sailors of all ages and skill level.


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