Hiking Performance

It is always a wise idea to anticipate the conditions you may encounter on board. While the waters at first glance may look calm and steady, they could turn choppy and high at a moment's notice once you are away from shore. In fact, you never know what the environment may evolve into, which is why you should dress for any eventuality before you head out for a sail. With Gill's hiking performance apparel, you can prepare for the choppiest of rides, knowing that your body will be protected from turbulence, cold winds, high sprays, and more.

The clothing is designed to keep every vulnerable area of your body safe with durable padding and generous proportions. You can carry out any on board task with ease, even those jobs that normally would leave you bruised and battered in flimsier clothing, when you don trousers, tops, boots, and more that protect you from the elements.

Despite their outwardly bulky appearance, these apparel items are actually comfortable and practical to wear. You can move around easily without being restricted by tight zippers, short coat sleeves, cumbersome overalls, and other clothing facets that could compel you to remove your protective layers. Sailing is safe and fun when you dress in the selections available from Gill's hiking performance collection.

Moreover, these items are available for both genders so that everyone in your family can enjoy a full day out on the water. Women do not have to worry about fitting into men's nautical wear that may be too large or long for their proportions. Likewise, men do not have to fear that their clothing will be too tight or short for it to be practical and safe to wear.

Along with wanting to be comfortable and safe on board, you also want to look your best. Gill's hiking performance clothing is available in sporty and trendy styles that go great with any nautical look. You can find tops, trousers, boots, and more in neutral and understated colors like black and gray. They also may be trimmed in bright reds and blues so that you get the style you want without compromising your safety and comfort.

Gill's hiking performance collection is priced to sell and made for the nautical adventurer in mind. You can carry out any important on board task without putting your safety or enjoyment at risk. Protect yourself from the weather and water as well as on board hazards like knocks and bruises by donning apparel that comes complete with built-in padding and safety latches.

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