If you are a novice sailor, you may ask why you should wear a hat while out on the open water. As experienced nautical enthusiasts can tell you, hats are vital for shielding your face and head from the elements. The water reflects the sun's brilliant rays and can deflect them toward your face when you are on board your vessel. In little time, you could suffer a nasty sunburn that may take days or weeks to heal.

When you don a high-quality Gill's hat, however, you take an important step in keeping the brilliant sun rays away from your vulnerable skin. The hat protects your face as well as your eyes so you can enjoy your sailing adventure in comfort.

Gill's selection of hats are also great for keeping your head warm while on board your boat. Even on sunny and warm days, the water and air can turn chilly once you are away from shore. Without the right head gear, you can lose body heat quickly, putting you at risk of hypothermia. A warm and comfortable hat from Gill can keep your head warm while helping your body retain its own heat. Find hats made from durable and cozy materials like fleece and microfiber polyester when you shop today.

You can choose from hats that cover just the top part of your head and forehead or hats that pull all the way down around your ears. They are designed to fit snugly yet comfortably so you can move around your boat with ease. They also are made to stay on your head securely during windy or stormy conditions. They resist water and do their part to keep you safe and warm while on board.

As practical as Gill hats are, they are also made with forward fashion in mind. Choose from styles that are understated and elegant or sleek and sporty. You can find a hat style from Gill that matches your other nautical wear and helps you look great whether you are planning on a day of boat racing or just out for a leisurely sail across the lake. You can also find Gill hats for both men and women, ensuring that you can find styles that fit the whole family.

The hats come in stylish colors like gray, tan, black, and white, making them the perfect accessory for any nautical look. They are also priced to sell and feature durable design for long-lasting wear that will make them a mainstay in your nautical wardrobe for years.

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