Whether you are a novice sailor or someone who has years of sailing experience, you quickly learn the value of dressing in layers. Even if the weather is sunny and agreeable on shore, it can quickly turn cold and windy once you are out on the water. A thin, single layer of clothing is no match against the wind and water as you try to stay warm and dry.

To stay as dry and warm as possible, you must dress in base layers that protect your skin and help your body retain its heat. When you shop at Gill, you can find all of the base layer essentials from trousers to long sleeve tops that are designed to shield you from the spray, wind, and intense sunlight while on board.

These base layer items are designed to fit your body snugly and come in an array of sizes. You can suit up with confidence knowing that your shoulders, neck, arms, abdomen, and other vulnerable areas are shielded from the elements. These items, despite fitting snugly, breathe well so that you avoid overheating or becoming soaked with sweat. They also are made from flexible materials that let you move easily while you maneuver and steer your vessel.

Aside from protecting you from the elements while on board your vessel, this base layer wear also is stylish so that you look your best. Whether you are competing in a race or out for a leisurely sail on your own, you can enjoy your time on board even more by knowing that you are dressed in some of the most stylish nautical apparel on the market. These items come in trendy neutral and dark colors and feature sporty designs that pair well with this nautical pastime. You can wear your base layer apparel on board or anywhere on shore, knowing that you will always look your best in these Gill selections.

Gill is also mindful that men and women alike enjoy sailing, which is why it offers base layer apparel for both men and women. You can find jackets, tops, pants, leggings, and more for both genders. They are priced competitively so that you can fill your closet with sailing apparel that is guaranteed to give you a good return on your investment.

Staying warm and dry while sailing is a top safety priority. Find base layer items from Gill that give you all of the comfort and protection you need while out on the open waters.

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