BOREAS™ Pro Floating Ice Fishing Bibs


BOREAS™ Pro Floating Ice Fishing Bibs


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Product Features

BOREAS™ Pro Floating Ice Fishing Bibs

Stay Comfortable, Stay Safe and Catch More Fish with your WindRider Ice Fishing Bibs

Hand warmer pockets with fleece lining for extra warmth.

Adjustable inseam and three way zipper. For easy on, off, and ventilation.

Zippered pockets that allow you to pass through to your pants pocket as well.


• Warmth and Comfort

Staying warm and comfortable is critical to having fun while on the ice. This is especially true if the fish aren’t biting. We use 3M thermal insulation to keep you warm. We even put the insulation in the removable hood. The bibs have double zippers that allow you to keep the gear on, yet open up a bit to keep from overheating. The bibs also have a double zipper that allow you to relieve yourself without having to take your bibs all the way off.

• Flotation

Falling through the ice is the biggest danger we face while ice fishing. There is NO reason to wear gear that doesn’t float. Going through the ice with regular gear on means you have to pull your weight plus the weight of the water that has soaked into your gear. Our gear contains foam that not only keeps you warmer, but also helps you afloat if you go through. This could mean the difference between life and death.

• Storage

Pockets are critical when ice fishing either with a popup or just out on the ice. We have large pockets on the thighs on the bibs and a flap that allows you to go through the bibs into your pants pocket. We also have hand warmer pockets on the bibs for the days you want to wear just the bibs and not the jacket too.

• All in the Details

Being fishermen ourselves we recognize it is the small things that can make or break a day on the ice. Things like extra padding and reinforcement in the knees so when you kneel over the hole you will stay dry, warm and comfortable. Large inner mesh pockets to keep those wax worms. Accidentally spill them? The saw dust falls out easily. Adjustable inseams on the bibs ‘nough said.