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WindRider Tango Trimaran

Windrider Tango Trimaran

The WindRider Tango, our easiest boat, is among the quickest to get from the trailer to the water of any trimaran for sale today!

  • From trailer to sailing in 10 minutes or less
  • Sail solo or with a child
  • Nearly impossible to capsize
  • No previous sailing experience necessary
  • Foot pedal steering means hands remain free to control the lines
  • Customize it to make it the perfect boat for you
  • Only $2,995





The WindRider Tango Trimaran is the smallest and easiest of our boats. If you want something that you can throw in the back of your truck and be sailing in minutes, the WindRider Tango is the perfect trimaran for you!

Simple to sail and easy to transport, the WindRider Tango is the quickest way for anyone to get on the water and fall in love with sailing. For everyone from first-timers to seasoned sailors, the Tango truly is a versatile, ready-made crowd pleaser.

  • Comfortably carries a single adult or 1 adult plus a child
  • Quickest and easiest to assemble of all of our boats
  • Simplest to sail and easiest to learn for people of all ages and abilities 

Purchase includes: kick-up rudder; yoked boom; mast and sail; plus all necessary rigging hardware and control lines.

 Total weight: 140 lbs. Lightweight pieces are easy to disassemble and transport via truck bed, roof rack or utility trailer.

 The WindRider Tango gives you these standard WindRider features:

  • Sporty styling that turns heads
  • Hands-free, foot pedal steering
  • A single control line
  • Near-indestructibility
  • Nearly impossible to capsize


If you would like to order a boat outside the United States, please contact us at 612-338-2170. 




Length 10'11" / 3.3 m
Beam 10'6" / 3.2 m
Weight (total) 120 lbs. / 54.4 kg
Weight (main hull) 70 lbs. / 31.8 kg
Mast Height 19' / 5.8 m
Total Sail Area 52 sq ft. / 4.8 m2
Draft (Rudder Up) 6" / 15 cm
Draft (Rudder Down) 16" / 40 cm
Capacity 250 lbs. / 114 kg
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