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WindRider WR17 Trimaran

The WR17 Trimaran is the best small trimaran for sale today!

  • From trailer to sailing in 30 minutes or less
  • Sail solo or with up to 3 friends
  • Nearly impossible to capsize
  • No sailing previous sailing experience necessary
  • Foot pedal steering - means hands free to control the lines
  • Customize the boat - make it the perfect boat for you
  • Keep it on the beach, the trailer or a lift
  • Only $9995





The premier WindRider Trimaran is the most fun you'll have on the water.

Down by the bay or out on the ocean, a WindRider 17 is your first-class ticket to fast and easy sailing. Enthusiasts of all ages and capabilities can rig and launch it. The mast weighs just 35 lbs for easy lifting, or can be raised with our exclusive pulley system (purchased separately). No more excuses… just get everyone together and get out there!

• Stable, comfortable ride holds up to 2 people in the cockpit and up to 3 on the trampolines
• Convenient storage anywhere: outside, moored, or on a beach or a trailer
• Nearly impossible to capsize

Purchase includes everything you need to sail: seats and cushions; rotating mast and main sail; roller furling jib sail; built-in, hand-operated bilge pump; 2 trampolines (one for each side of the main hull); plus all necessary rigging, hardware and control lines.

The most common accessories purchased with the WindRider 17 Trimaran are the trailer and motor mount. Additional recommended options include the reacher kit, windshield, mid-boom sheeting, center foot steering, lazy jack, and center-hand steering.

The WindRider 17 gives you these standard WindRider features:
    •  Sporty styling that turns heads
    •  Hands-free, foot pedal steering
    •  Near-indestructibility
    •  Nearly impossible to capsize

Purchase with our Windrider WR17 aluminum trailer at 650lbs total weight (boat and trailer combined) and you can tow it with any vehicle!

If you’re outside the US, click here to get in contact with one of our international dealers!



windrider boats WindRider 17
Length 17'4" / 5.3 m
Beam 12'11 / 3.4 m
Beam on Trailer 8'6" / 2.4 m
Weight (total) 400 lbs. / 181 kg
Mast Height 20' / 7.3 m
Total Sail Area 96 sq ft. / 9 m2
Addl. Sail Area w/ Jib +43 sq ft. / +4 m2
Draft 18" / 46 cm
Capacity 800 lbs. / 363 kg
Designer Jim Brown & WindRider
Introduced 2002

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