Florida: The ideal location for WindRider Sailboats

With easy access to water, year round sailing, consistent winds, it is no wonder that Florida has a huge sailing population.  But what makes the WindRider line of trimarans the perfect boat for the coastal waters of Florida?

Shallow Draft –  All of our boats can be sailed in shallow waters, with the WindRider 17 requiring just 18 inches, the WR16 just 16 inches and the Tango just 4 inches, you can go anywhere without fear of running aground.  Even if you do, the specially designed keel keeps the rudder protected from damage.  So sail anywhere and just pull the boat up on shore when you want to have a picnic lunch.

Use in a wide range of conditions – With the ability to sail in everything from 5mph winds to 25mph+ winds, the WindRider line of boats allows more days on the water.

Easy setup and trailering – While the ideal situation is to have your boat in the water at all times, we know that isn’t always possible and we designed the boat with that in mind. In fact, nearly 50% of WindRider owners trailer their boat every time they want to sail.  So be confident in knowing that you will spend less time on the ramp and more time on the water with any of our boats.

Comfort – We believe that a day on the water sailing should be both fun and comfortable.  With face-forward seating, in a padded seat, below boom height, you can enjoy a day out sailing without being stiff or sore the next day.

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copy of Jim and WR at Tiki Bar
WindRider 17′s and 16′s on the beach in Sarasota