When you are an avid sailor, you may not want to dock your boat during the long winter months. However, you also may not want to expose yourself to the bitter cold that is sure to hit you once you take your vessel out onto the open water. In fact, the nautical apparel that you wear during the warmer times of the year, even your sturdy sailing hat, may be no match against the frigid wind and water that threaten to take away your sense of enjoyment and adventure during wintertime sailing.

Rather than put your thinner hats to the test during chilly winter sailing weather, you can stay better protected with Gill's choices of headwear. This headwear is designed just for the coldest of nautical elements and guaranteed to keep your face and head shielded from the wintry water and wind.

The headwear from Gill is made from the most durable and warmest of fleece so that your head, face, and neck stay warm. The fleece itself keeps out the bitter cold and also resists water. It is stitched with the sturdiest of waterproof seams so that you can face the spray and wind without getting soaked. 

You can also find headwear that can convert into different styles, ranging from full face protection to a hood that you can wear as needed. The headwear is designed to convert quickly and easily. It also features the snuggest yet most comfortable of fits so that it stays on your head securely during the highest of winds.

It gets it snug fit from its anatomical design. Unlike other hats that feature a standard cylindrical shape, the headwear from Gill is designed to contour and fit your head and neck. It holds its position securely without being too restrictive. Its fleece fabric keeps away the cold elements so that your face, neck, and scalp are kept warm and dry.

You can also find headwear from Gill that lets you adjust the protection and warmth it gives you. For example, if you do not want your face covered, you can pull down the front covering to expose your mouth and nose. You can also raise it to cover your face all the way to the bridge of your nose if desired. The headwear can also come down securely over your ears to keep wind and water away from your head. This innovative design helps your body keep its heat without losing warmth through the top or sides of your head.

These unique and innovative headwear styles are made for both men and women and offer the long-lasting wear that you expect out of high-quality nautical apparel. They are also machine washable and come in stylish colors sure to match any base layer, drysuit, jacket, or other nautical apparel.

When you are out on the water, you must protect your face and head from the elements. Find snug and comfortable apparel designed to protect you from wind, water, and the cold when you shop Gill for hats and headwear today.


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